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Bio-Clean™ Bacteriologic Waste Eliminator
Preventative maintenance of your drain system can save you from a REALLY nasty problem! Bio-Clean is an environmentally safe way to keep things flowing smoothly; advantages include:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Eats organic waste
  • Clean entire pipe
  • Treats Septic Systems
  • Won't damage pipes
  • One tub contains 100 Treatments
  • Try it risk-free today!

RootX™ Root Intrusion Solution
Everyone loves big, mature trees in their landscape. Unfortunately, those trees have roots that can work their way into your drain pipes in search of nurtient rich water. RootX will kill those roots and help keep your system working.

EZFlow Septic Field Systems
EZflow systems eliminate the need for heavy granular fill materials and drain pipes. It combines a patented geosynthetic aggregate bead with polyethylene drainage pipe into one system. Ideal for use in septic system leech fields, french drains, golf courses, sports field etc. Let Dr. Drain help with your drainage problems using the EZflow system. Call us today!

Rinnai and Takagi Tankless Waterheaters
Imagine a waterheater that NEVER runs out of hot water AND cuts your energy bill by 50% or more! Dr. Drain is an authorized dealer of both Rinnai and Takagi units. Get rid of that leaky old, inefficient, clunky storage-type waterheater and replace it with a sleek, energy saving Rinnai tankless today.

  • Natural or Propane
  • Indoor or Outdoor Models
  • Digital Temp controls
  • Attractive and compact
  • Extremely efficient

Delta Faucets
Delta fixtures are a favorite Dr. Drain. With unsurpassed styling and simple, easy to maintain design, you'll receive years of trouble free service beautiful yet functional faucets and valves. And if you do have a problem, you can be sure that the most plumbers will have the parts and know-how to fix it on the spot!

Fluidmaster Fillvalves
When your water closet needs a new part, it’s hard to find a better product than Fluidmaster. Widely available, well made and reasonably priced, we think they’re the best products available. Stop those annoying “moaning” sounds when you flush with a new fill-valve or save water by replacing those leaky flappers!

Goulds/ITT Well Pumps
After many years in this business, we've learned many important lessons. Near the top of that list is this: ALWAYS use a Goulds pump. They are without doubt the best pumps you can buy. With features like Abrasion Resistant and Corrosion-Free Components, Stainless Steel Bowls, Casing, Retaining Ring Shaft Sleeve and Coupling, they simply can’t be beat.

Insinkerator Food Waste Disposals
Made by the Emerson Corporation, Insinkerator is possibly the most well know Kitchen appliances in the world. Quiet, reliable and efficient, the Insinkerator has proven itself a must have in every Kitchen. Their new Evolution models are even more powerful and quieter than ever!

Toto Water Closets
A water closet that flushes…WOW what a concept! Toto brand toilets are renowned for their powerful flushing action and elegant styling. With the introduction of models like the Drake, (our favorite) Toto leaves the competition standing still! Replace those old, slow-flushing toilets today and put away that plunger forever.

State Select and Rheem Storage-type Waterheaters
State Industries and Rheem are industry leaders in the manufacture of storage tank waterheaters. Gas or electric, tall, standard or low-boy, we have the model to meet your needs. Dr. Drain can install, service and maintain your heater for years of trouble free performance.

Woodford Frost-Free Hose-bibs
Let’s face it, your average hosebib is not a sexy item. Woodford hosebibs aren’t any different. What sets them apart is their quality construction and parts availability. We won't use anything else.

  • Residential – All brass construction, readily available parts
  • Commercial – Frost-free, multiple configurations, vandal resistant

Watts Backflow Preventers
The most important and yet most neglected plumbing devices in the world are backflow preventers; but they are essential for protecting drinking water from contamination by irrigation and other non-potable systems. Watts manufactures a full line of time-tested, ASSE certified backflow prevention devices.

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  • Master License: 29649
  • Septic Contractor: 3707
  • Well Pump Contractor: 5856
  • North Carolina Unlimited Master Plumber License
  • North Carolina Septic Installer and Repair
  • North Carolina Back Flow Tester
  • ITT Goulds Professional Well Pump Installer